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Ng Chin Han, usually credited as just Chin Han, is a Singaporean actor of stage, film, and television whose career has spanned more than 20 years. He gained widespread acclaim while starring in Masters of the Sea, Singapore television's first foray into English-language drama. Chin Han broke into the Hollywood movie industry in recent years with 3 Needles. He also appeared in The Dark Knight as Lau, and in Roland Emmerich's 2009 film 2012 as Tenzin. Chin Han appeared in the film Restless as Dr. Lee in 2011, followed by a turn in Steven Soderbergh's movie Contagion as epidemiologist Sun Feng. In 2012 he guest starred in the Fringe episode "Making Angels" as Neil, and later played Chinese envoy Zheng Min in the final four episodes of ABC's Last Resort. In 2014 he appeared as Jia Sidao in Marco Polo.
Призрак в доспехах / Ghost in the Shell (2017)


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